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2023 Two Fayre Ladies
Rules and Regulations

All participants agree to comply with all rules & regulations of Two faire Ladies (TFL), all Federal and State laws and local ordinances, especially: regarding alcohol and minors, use of controlled or illegal substances. Any violation of the law is cause for immediate expulsion from the faire and arrest. Drunk, disorderly, unruly or disruptive behavior will result in immediate expulsion from the event site.
The applicant is responsible for ensuring all members listed on their gatelist are provided and acknowledge the rules and regulations.

A. All participants shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Two faire Ladies, its officers and partners, employees, volunteers, and agents from any and all loss, damage, or injury, to any person or property taking part in the event.

B. All facilities, materials, supplies and equipment used by the participants that belong to the park, facilities, event or TFL, must be left in a clean, safe, orderly condition upon completion of the event. Failure to do so will result in maintenance fees of $ 100.00 per hour. The participants using the aforementioned may be required to reimburse TFL for any and all repairs/damages to any facility which may occur during the event and/or are caused by the direct action of the participants and/or their agents. The participants are to notify the TFL the next working day if there was a problem with the facility, materials or equipment before its use.

C. Security will be provided for all areas of the event site including, actors' camp, event site and parking lots. However, TFL, its officers and partners, employees, volunteers and agents are not responsible for any lost or stolen articles.

D. All attendees agree to comply with direction given by event staff, including officers, partners, employees, volunteers, agents, and security for the safety, security, and liability of TFL and everyone present. Failure to comply can result in immediate disciplinary action, up to and including forcibly being removed from site.

E. The event site is designated a NO SMOKING AREA for the duration of the event. This includes set-up, tear down, after-hours and operating hours of the event. This prohibition extends to any form of combustion of tobacco and non-tobacco products for inhalation. It is inclusive of off stage areas, actors’ camp, in or around pavilions, tents or other structures or any place visible to the public. A designated smoking area will be announced at notes.

F. Every group, whether guild or vendor, must have an up to date fire extinguisher available. 

G. All structures, perimeters and major props must be ready and open at 10:00 am, Saturday and remain standing until close of the event on Sunday. All materials, including structures must comply with the theme of the event. Non-compliant materials must be completely concealed from the patrons’ view. TFL will be the sole determiner of what is compliant and what is not.

H. All participants must be attired in clothing depicting the theme century to enter the event site during event hours. Foot coverings (shoes, sandals, or boots) and shirts must be worn at all times. No body piercings are to be visible except the ears. No tattoos are to be visible. Exceptions will be made, if authoritative documentation is provided in support of your character. Black powder weapons must be period. Only matchlock and wheel lock weapons (real or replicas) are permitted. Use of cell phones, electronic devices, non-prescription sun glasses or any other personal device that detracts from the ambiance of the event are prohibited.

I. Notes will be held at 9:00 am on Saturday and Sunday. A representative from each group must attend. Scheduling changes, security issues and teardown instructions will be made at Notes.

J. By participating in this event, you express permission to be photographed and allow those photographs to be used by the general public, the media and in future advertising of TFLs’ events.

K. No pets are allowed at this event. If you have an animal that is essential for your show, you must provide proof of liability insurance for your animal. Contact the faire director before arriving with your pet.

L. Cooking fires will be permitted provided, the fires are in a raised fire pit, a heat shield is used beneath the pit, a fire extinguisher is readily available, and in full compliance with the County Fire Code. Ashes are dumped into an approved ash bin. Ashes are not to be dumped inside the park. Ashes are not to be dumped into trash cans.

M. Any participant selling goods, on site, must provide a copy of their resale permit to TFL (enclose it with your RSVP) prior to transacting any sales.

A. Check-in will be on Fridays from 12:00 pm until 10:00 pm, Saturdays, from 7:00 am to 9:00 am, and Sundays from 7:00 am to 9:00. Anyone not presenting picture identification at check-in will be issued a non-drinking wristband. Late additions to gate lists will be charged $5 per name added.

B. Anyone arriving after 9:00 am without prior notification to the event staff must pay the price of admission. This will not be reimbursed. With prior notification to the event staff, late arrivals may check in at the will call ticket booth during event hours.

C. Wristbands must be secured around your wrist. Wristbands must be readily accessible and presented upon request by security or other event officials at any time. A refusal or failure to show a properly affixed wristband is cause for immediate expulsion from the faire site and actors’ camp. If there are any issues with wearing your wristband as stated here (i.e. Allergic to the adhesive, won’t stay on small child) then that can be addressed at the time of check-in.

A. Parking passes shall be issued at check in. To obtain a parking pass, participants must provide license plate number, the responsible person’s name, and whether they need to park in the handicap lot to check in personnel. Parking passes must be completed before leaving check in. Parking passes must include the group affiliation and driver’s name, and telephone # legibly printed.

B. All vehicles and detached trailers entering the event site and/or parked within the confines of the event site shall display a parking pass conspicuously. Vehicles parked in designated handicap parking must have a valid handicap placard and parking pass. No trailers will be allowed in handicap designated parking. Parking passes do not guarantee you a parking space.

C. Parking is at a premium. Please be considerate when parking to minimize the space you take. Reserving parking spaces is prohibited. Using parking spaces for other than vehicle parking is prohibited. Extending awnings or pop outs into adjoining parking spaces is prohibited. Parking is prohibited in actors’ camp, fire lanes, red zones or blocking any entrance, exits or other vehicles. Vehicles parked illegally or in violation of these rules and regulations are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense. The county can and will ticket you for parking on the grass.

D. All participants must have their vehicles off the event site no later than 8:30 am on Saturday. Participants will not be allowed to drive onto the event site until after all patrons have been cleared from the site on Sunday. Saturday drive on is at the sole discretion of the event director.


E. Vehicles are allowed onto the event site for the purposes of loading and unloading only. Parking your vehicle, leaving your vehicle unattended on the event site or using your vehicle to drive around the event site for reasons other than loading or unloading is prohibited.

A. Actors’ camp is on a first come, first served basis. Reserving, holding or roping off areas is not allowed.
B. No vehicles are allowed in actors’ camp.
C. Actors’ camp is a designated quiet zone at all times.

D. Actors’ camp is a designated NO SMOKING area.
F. For those sleeping in Vehicles, including trailers, vans, and RVs. It must be parked in the designated Actor parking and cannot be blocking the flow of traffic or any designated emergency lanes.

A. All weapons must be peace tied (sheathed and secured) at all times. Zip Ties will be available at the information booth for this purpose. No one under the age of 18 may carry, handle, or purchase a weapon.

B. Any person brandishing a weapon, using a weapon in an unsafe manner, or refusing to secure a weapon will be subject to immediate expulsion from the event. Weapons play, including whips, outside of an enclosed, secured area or stage is prohibited, unless it is part of an organized performance and express permission is granted by the faire director.

C. Black powder will be permitted with the approval of the event director and conditional and agreement to abide by the Black Powder Safety Rules. Contact the event director for more information. Anyone who uses black powder without permission or violates the Black Powder Safety Rules will be expelled from the event.

D. No one is to provide hands-on weapons instruction or weapons play with the public unless specifically authorized to do so by the faire director. To provide instruction, you must have proof of liability insurance on site; contact the event director for details.

E. All people who are participating in weapon play such as the battle pageant, and tournaments must sign the release of liability at check in.

F. Any group planning to perform weapons play of any kind or use black powder must have a medical plan and check in with the medical personnel prior to the start of the event.

A. All performers must observe the entertainment schedule and be in their assigned place(s) at the assigned time(s). Entertainment schedule will be available at the information booth.

B. Each guild will be asked to participate in “Meet and Greet”. Please note your assigned times and if you are unable to make your appointed times please feel free to switch with another guild and let the faire staff know of the change. The “Meet and Greet” schedule will be included in the entertainment schedule, available at the information booth.


A. The event director is Raelynn DeBone.

B. In addition to TFL, all participants shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Fresno County Parks and Recreation, Employees of Fresno County, its officers and partners, employees, volunteers, and agents from any and all loss, damage, or injury, to any person or property taking part in the event.

C. No Parking on the grass. It is part of the Fresno County Ordinance that no vehicles remain on the grass for prolonged periods of time, including the duration of faire hours.

D. No Pets
If you must bring your service animal, we request that they wear their service jacket. Please contact the faire director for more information.

E. Late Arrivals
If anyone is arriving after 10:00 AM – Be dressed for the part, and have $ 5.00 (non-refundable) on hand for Fresno County as the main gate will be the only one open.

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