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26th Anniversary
Kearney Park
Rennaissance Faire

Saturday November 9 -Sunday November 10, 2024
10am-5pm Both Days
6725 W Kearney Blvd, Fresno, CA 93706

Come One, Come All! His Royal Majesty, Henry VIII invites all to attend his Christmastide Faire in this year of 1539! 

See the majesty of the joust, the pumpkins flying across the whole faire from a 20 foot tall trebuchet. This year we celebrating the Yule Season, join in the celebration and traditions of Tudor England. Shop the many vendors and taste the food. Drink the ale, try the mead and whiskey tasting. Two stages with world class entertainment. Visit all day for the price of a movie ticket.

Pictures of Past Kearney Park Faries Can be seen on our Gallery Page 

*Note on Photography- While we do not have an official photographer we invite any professional photographers to come to our events and take wonderful pictures!*

Guilds that Attended the 2023 Faire 

(2024 List Pending)

Banat Tanjora Ghawazee Bellydance

Free Company of the Red Banner

Guild of St. Margaret of Scotland, INC.

St. Andrews Noble Order of Royal Scots

House of Trinity Rose

House of Tudor

Raqset Bedawi

St. Michael's Salle d'Armes

St. Dismas Guild

Tuath Ui Niall

St. Sebatian's 

Barleycorn Country Dancers

Stirling Mercenaries 

Davenriche European Martial Artes School

Rogues of the Golden Coast

Greyraven Constabulary

NorthStar Penguins

Barony of Nordwache (SCA)

St. Ambrose 

Abbey of St. Paul 

Hound's Haven 

House of the Raven and The Nightingale  

St. Vibiana's

Guild of St. Mortimer 

Guild of English Folk  

Get Medieval Guild 

Quality Pyrate Games

Berwick Garrison

Guild of Santa Maria

Dark Boar Vikings

House of Pheonix

Independant Pirating Association

House of The Raven and The Nightingale

House of Hawkdale

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